Year of Establishment: 12th July,1960
Change of Name: Name Changed from Bhagalpur University to Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University in 1991
Main Campus Area: 264 Acres
University Departments: 34
Name of Faculties: Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty Of Science
Faculty Of Commerce
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Education
Self Financing Courses: 04
Constituent Colleges: 12
Affiliated Colleges Govt. Funded: 10 + 11 (B.Ed. Colleges)
Research Institute/Centers: 04
University Centre Of Bioinformatics
Regional Study Centre
Agro-Economic Research Centre
Sarat Chandra Research Centre
No. Of Academic Programmes:
Post Graduate : 34
Certificate Course : 05
Diploma Courses : 07
P.G. Diploma : 01
Ph.D. : 01
Coaching Centre’s (UGC Sponsored):
Remedial Coaching
Entry to services
No. of Faculty PG Level UG Level   
University Professor
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Principals (Constituent Colleges)
No. of Students PG Level UG Level 
6200 130000
Collaborative Researches/ Consultancy projects are being done with the following Institutions:
  • Schools of National Resources and Environment, Michigan, USA
  • University of Michigan Ann Arbor, USA
  • RMRI, Patna
  • Mahavir Cancer Research Institute, Patna
  • ISRO, Bangalore
  • Dept. of Space, Govt. of India
  • NTPC Ltd., Kahalgaon
  • Ministry of Coal, Govt. of India
Institution-Specific Innovations:
  • 240 Days of teaching
  • 7 hrs. stay of teachers
  • Cultural & Sports Convocation held
  • Dress Code Implemented
  • Coaching for Competitive Examination
  • Organization Of Seminars (National/International), Symposia, Workshop
  • Cultural Evenings (Sanskritik Sandhya) held
  • Opening of new traditional and vocational courses
  • Regularisation of academic sessions
  • Regular NSS and NCC Training
List of approved vocational courses running in University
Name of Vocational Courses
Approval Letter no. & Date of RajBhawan
MCA Lt. NoTMBU-16/2003-803/GS (I) dt. 23.02.2006
Master of Chemical Analysis & Industrial Development Lt. NoTMBU-22/2004-1375/GS (1) dt. 07.05.2007
Diploma Course in Population & Human Resource Development Lt. NoTMBU-21/2003-1383/GS (1) dt. 07.05.2007
BCA (Self Finance) Lt. NoTMBU-66/2007-4343/GS (I) dt. 30.1l.2007
BCA vocational course under Self Finance Lt.No.TMBU-20/2004-1379/GS (I) dt. 07.05.2007
Draft Regulation and Admission Ordinance of Bachelor in Business

Administration (Hons.) Self Finance

Lt.No.TMBU-1612004-9490/GS (1),Patna dt. 13/7/2006
B.A./B.Sc/B.Com (Information Technology) Lt. NoTMBU-2612006-1373/GS (I) dt. 07.05.2007
B.Sc. Drugs & Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lt. NoTMBU-712003-1607/GS (I) dt. 16.05.2007
P.G. Diploma in Computer Application (Self Finance) Lt. NoTMBU-25/2006-4764/GS (I) dt. 23.1l.2006
P.G. Diploma in Museology & Tourism Lt. NoTMBU-1512003-1611/GS (I) dt. 16.05.2007
Advance Diploma in Para Medical (Self Finance) Lt. NoTMBU-34/2003-1381/GS (1) dt. 07.05.2007
Diploma in Computer Application (Self Finance) Lt. NoTMBU-2312006-1388/GS (I) dt. 07.05.2007
Diploma In Computer Application& Library Automation (Self Finance) Lt. NoTMBU-2412006-1224/GS (I) dt. 17.04.2007
I. Certificate Course in Computer Application
ii. Diploma In Computer Application& Library Automation
Lt. NoTMBU-2412004-1609/GS (I) dt. 16.05.2007
B.Sc. Bio- Technology (vocational course) Lt.NoTMBU-1912006-898/GS (I) dt. 01/04/2010
M.Sc. Bio- Technology Lt. NoTMBU-41/2004-2269/GS (1) dt. 05.07.2007
Master of Business Administration Lt. NoTMBU-34/2004-3723/GS (1) dt. 11.10.2007
P.G.Diploma in Hindi Journalism and Mass Communication Lt. NoTMBU-39/2008-686/GS (1) dt. 11.02.2009
Draft Transitory Regulation and admission ordinance for one year Post
Graduate Diploma in Computer Application.
Lt.NoTMBU-25/2006-4764/GS (1),Patna. Dt. 23.11.2006
List of Self Financing Courses P.G. level/U.G. Level
Name of vocational course Name of P.G. Department/Colleges where the course is running Status of the course
Master in Computer Application University Computer Centre Approved
Master of Business Administration P.G. Department of Commerce Approved
Master of Bio-Technology P.G. Botany Approved
Bio-Technology T.N.B. & Marwari College, Bhagalpur Approved
Computer Application S.M.College,Bhagalpur Approved
Bachelor of Business Administration B.N., Marwari & S.M.College, Bhagalpur Approved
Bachelor of Information Technology Marwari College,Bhagalpur Approved
Bachelor of Computer Application T.N.B., Marwari & S.M. College , Bhagalpur , G.B. College Naugachia Approved
B.Sc. Drugs and Pharmaceutical Chemistry T.N.B. College, Bhagalpur Approved
P.G. Diploma in Computer Application University Computer Centre, & Centre of Bio- Informatics Approved
Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication P.G. Hindi Approved
Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) S.M.College,Bhagalpur Approved
Office management & Secretarial Practices S.M. College, Bhagalpur Applied
Industrial Fish & Fishery G.B.College, Naugachia Applied
5 Years Law Course T.N.B. Law College, Bhagalpur Applied
List of University P.G. Departments
Departments in Faculty of Social Science
  • AIH& C
  • Anthropology
  • A.T.S.W.
  • Bengali
  • Economics
  • Gandhian Thought
  • Geography
  • Music
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • R.Economics
  • Sociology
Departments in Faculty of Science
  • Biotechnology
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • MCA
  • Physics
  • Stat & Computer Application
  • Zoology
Departments in Faculty of Law
  • Law
Departments in Faculty of Commerce
  • Commerce
  • MBA
Departments in Faculty of Humanities
  • Angika
  • English
  • Hindi
  • History
  • Home Science
  • I.R.P.M.
  • Maithili
  • Philosophy
  • Persian
  • Sanskrit
  • Urdu
Departments in Faculty of Education (only at Bachelor level)
  • B.Ed.