• Year of Establishment: 1956
  • Contact No. : 9507377691
  • Level Of Study: M.A.



  • Hindustani Music
  • Vocal
  • Instrumental Music Sitar

ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT: The department was established on 01.06.1985. Vocal and instrumental both type of teaching are being carried out here. Dr. Vaani Gupta was founder head of the department. She was renowned teacher in the eastern India. At present there are only two teachers in the deptt. Dr.Kiran Singh is H.O.D and other teacher is Dr. Nisha Jha. The deptt is running in separate building in old P.G Campus.

FACILITIES: Audio Visual facilities and different musical Instruments are available in the deptt.The department has a separate building in Old P.G Campus. There are 9 Rooms to accomodate theory and practical classes .Lab is equipped with Taanpura,Tabla, Harmonium,Sitar,Drumset,Guitar and other Musical instruments.


  • No. of books in the Department Library :1000
  • Sanctioned strength of students in M.A/M.Sc/M.Com : 25.
  • No of Research Papers published : 10
  • Journals/periodicals subscribed by the department : 01
  • Ratio of students to teachers : 4:1
  • Ratio of research scholars to teachers (eligible to guide research students): 1:1
  • Admission on the basis of Honours marks and Master’s Admission Test (MAT).
  • Number of Ph. D. Thesis guided in last two years : 05
  • Total No. of publications in the last five years : 03