• Year of Establishment: 1961
  • Built Up Area: 650 sq. m.
  • Level Of Study: M.A., Ph. D., D. Litt.



  • Samkhya – Yoga and Vedanta
  • Epistemology (Indian & Western)
  • Ethics (Indian & Western)
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Jain,Budha and Vaisheshika Philosophy
  • Yoga Philosophys

ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT: The Department established in 1961, is one of the oldest departments of the university, imparting quality teaching of philosophy to the students of Northern and Eastern Bihar. The Department has made rapid progress since its inception with a number of publications to its credit , a rich departmental library for students, researchers and teachers, a large number of Ph.ds produced and many NET JRF qualified students. The Department enjoys the rare privilege of being headed by eminent scholars of philosophy namely Dr. Nityanand Mishra,Dr. G.D Jha,Dr. H.P Verma etc.The Deptt. is presently headed by Dr.Poonam Rani.

FACILITIES: A separate wing in social science block with nine rooms,Departmental library,Furnitures,Fans,Water Purifiers, Microphone etc


  • Sanctioned strength of students in M.A. (Previous) : 80.
  • Sanctioned strength of students in M.A. (Final) : 80
  • No. of books in the Department Library :3648
  • Journal/Periodicals subscribed by the department : 02
  • Ratio of students to teachers : 7:1
  • Ratio of research papers published : 300
  • Ratio of research scholars to teachers : 3:1
  • Admission on the basis of Honours marks and Master’s Admission Test (MAT).