Courses Offered
[ New Syllabi Patterned on U.G.C. Model Curriculum]

Master of Arts (Previous)

Paper I Applied Economic Theory
Paper II Applied Aggregaative Economics
Paper III Rural Development : Theory & Practice
Paper IV Foundation of Agricultural Economics
Paper V Economics of Co-operation
Paper VI Economic Policy : Growth & Development
Paper VII World Agriculture
Paper VIII Co-operative Development : World Experiences
Master of Arts (Final)
Paper I Applied Statistics
Paper II Research Methodology
Paper III Agricultural Development & Policy in India
Paper IV Co-operative Movement in India: Experiences & Plicy
GROUP A    Indian Rural Economy
Paper XIII Foundations of Rural Economics
Paper XIV Rural Banking in India
Paper XV Rural Development in India
Paper XVI Field Eperience and Dissertation
GROUP B    Co-operation In India
Paper XIII Foundation of Co-operation
Paper XIV Trends and Dimensions of Co-operative Movement In India
Paper XV Co-operatives and Rural Economy
Paper XVI Field Experience and Dissertation